hair rope

hair rope
   See hair lariat

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  • hair lariat —    Watts refers to this as a lariat made with horsehair. It is used for tying, but is too lightweight to be used for throwing animals.    Also called hair reata, hair rope …   Vocabulario Vaquero

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  • hackamore rope —    A rope fastened to a hackamore; generally a lightweight hair rope …   Vocabulario Vaquero

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  • cabestro — (Sp. model spelled same [kabéstro] < Latin capistrum halter )    1) DARE: 1805. Originally a halter or tether made of a hair rope. Watts notes that its original meaning was broadened to refer to any hair rope, or even to a reata, which is… …   Vocabulario Vaquero

  • plait — 1 verb (T) BrE to twist 3 long pieces of hair, rope etc over and under each other to make one long piece; braid 2 AmE: a plaited leather belt | She plaited her hair hurriedly. 2 noun (C) BrE a length of something, especially hair, made by… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English